polycystic ovaries

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Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 2:18 pm 
Post subject: polycystic ovaries
Hi i am ttc, and just been told the reason i havent had a period for 3months is because i may have polycystic ovaries, does anyone know what these are?? or if they can stop you from concieving thanks xx
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Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:23 pm 
Post subject: Hi sorry to hear that.
This is copied from www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), also known as the Stein-Leventhal syndrome, is a condition associated with multiple cysts in the ovaries.

During each menstrual cycle, the ovaries release an egg (ovum) into the uterus. This process is called ovulation and usually occurs once a month. Before the egg is ready to be released, it develops inside a tiny swelling (called a follicle or cyst) on the ovary. Each month, several follicles start to develop, but in most cases only one goes on to mature fully and release an egg.

The ovaries are also responsible for making oestrogen, the main female hormone, and small quantities of androgens (male hormones) such as testosterone.

In polycystic ovarian syndrome, many follicles are produced but often none develop enough to release an egg, meaning that ovulation does not take place. The production of hormones is also often unbalanced, particularly with raised levels of testosterone.

Approximately one in ten British women have PCOS to some degree, and of those referred for an ultrasound examination, about 25% are found to have polycystic ovaries.

PCOS is now recognised as the most common cause of ovulation failure, leading to infertility, in women who have not yet reached the menopause.

hope its of some help
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Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 4:36 pm 
Post subject:
Hi There,

I was diagnosed with PCOs about 4 years ago but at the time I was not TTC so they prescribed Dianette contraception, which I took up until now, I can off the pill at the end of Jan'08 and had some blood tests at the end of Feb for PCOs and everything came back as good and my GP said that the contraception had corrected my hormonal levels.
I did a test in March and I am ovulating so things are looking up.

It can cause problems when TTC but there are loads of ways to get your hormones back to what they should be. I think the best idea is to have a chat with your GP..

Good Luck..
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