core night - how long does it take?!

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Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:34 am 
Post subject: core night - how long does it take?!
My six week old slept his core night 10-3am at 4 weeks 3 days old, 11 nights later I had not fed him during this time and he slept it again. We moved his bed time forward half an hour but since then he has not slept later than 2am, sometimes waking earlier. I am still not feeding him until gone 3am and keep him calm in his moses basket with a dummy, patting and soothing words.

We follow a routine every night of bath, feed, bed and the feed is an expressed 5-6oz which he chooses how much he takes on. I am breastfeeding the rest of the time. I wonder if he is waking for his dummy although he goes to sleep without it? Am I establishing a bad pattern of waking for a night time feed?

Will he ever sleep his core night again?! I may just be being impatient..but what I have read has said 'within a few days your baby will sleep at least the hours of his core night'..this is not the case!

Any response gratefully received!
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