Crying until picked up

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Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 10:20 am 
Post subject: Crying until picked up
My son Alfie is 5 months old and just recently he has started to cry until i pick him up then he immediatly stops. I then still run through all the checklist hungry, changing and he just wanted to be picked up and if i put him down again he will just start crying. My partner thinks i'm spoiling him and that i should leave him to cry. This is causing me some distress as i worry that he may grow into a spoilt child but on the other hand i can not bear to leave him get himself worked up. He also will not be with anyone else including my partner even if he can still see me in the room he won't get comfy or feed unless he is with me.
Please help any advise is greatly appreciated.
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Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 2:48 pm 
Post subject:
Babyís are very clever, donít underestimate their intelligence. Your baby knows that if he cryís youíll come running.

I donít agree with just leaving him to cry, stay by the cot for a time, but do not keep on picking him up. As it has already lead on to him only wanting you.

If your partner is there, he should pick him up for feeds, and not give up. It would probably be better if you are not in the room to start off with, as your baby can sense you in the room.

Donít start worrying that your baby might not have had enough food, this is his way of trying to get you back as his faithful comforter.

It sounds horrible I know, but it will save you a lot of heartache, if you can pull away now, or both you and baby will be up and down like yo-yos.

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