feed, wake, sleep..hunger!

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Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:39 am 
Post subject: feed, wake, sleep..hunger!
My six week old does not sleep after his day time feeds, gets really tired and then 20 minutes before he gets hungry falls asleep and then his hunger wakes him up. I am still feeding on demand and aware that this week is a growth spurt but this has been the case all along. Is there anything I can do to encourage him to sleep after his feeds so that he is not so knackered and gets some decent sleep in before it's time to feed again.

Any response much appreciated!
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Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 6:19 pm 
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I think the best thing is to try and reduce the demand feeding and introduce a more structured feeding routine. I breast fed my son exclusively at 6 weeks and I still fed him at 7am, 10.30am, 2.30pm, one breast before bath at 5pm then the other at 6.15pm. A bottle at 10.30pm and breast in the night.
I found he naturally slept at 9am, then from 12noon til 2.30pm and half an hour at 4pm. If your baby has a full tummy they are more likely to sleep and when they do wake up are very hungry and want a large feed. This in turn will last them longer and they won't want fed again for another 3 to 3.5 hours. If you are feeding your baby formua, they should last even longer between feeds.
The other advantage to a routine is you know what you're doing every day, and very quickly your baby will know too.
Good luck!
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