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Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:08 pm 
Post subject: how much sleep
My grandaughter is only 5 days old and cries no end when my son and his girlfriend put her down to sllep at bedtime. As they are only 17 and 16 they are finding this quite difficult to deal with. It is such along time aince I went through this I cant' remember when she has asked me how long she should sleep for at this age. Can anyone help in this I do realise that each baby is different I was just wandering what the appox. hours are then I can show her this as unless she sees it written down she wont believe me. PLEASE can anyone shed any light on this for me.
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Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 9:44 pm 
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Poor things.
Sorry to state the obvious, but have they ruled out the baby being hungry/having a dirty nappy/being too hot or too cold? If all these things are fine some babies just take a while to get off to sleep, though from speaking to my friends their babies never took more than 10-15 minutes to settle. Sometimes putting some white noise on (there has been reference to this in other posts) helps - my mum could only get my brother to sleep by putting the hoover on...
Most books say a baby of that age will sleep the vast majority of the time, but this was not the case with my daughter. She had colic from within a week of being born and was generally a miserable baby plus she was normally awake for 3 hours between a 4 hourly feed at two weeks old!! If your granddaughter is colicky, I can strongly recommend colief, it worked a treat but is expensive so worth getting on prescription. Please please please if the parents are struggling encourage them to get help from their health visitor/GP just in case there are other reasons why she is crying. I so wish we had asked for help in the beginning. There are some great articles on the 'ask baby' site about how to deal with a crying/sleepless baby. You could also try getting in touch with Cry-sis (now called Serene I think) which is a support group for carers/families with a crying or sleepless baby. They are great too.
Best of luck
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Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:33 pm 
Post subject: Re: how much sleep
hi there this may sound silly but my son would cry when i put him down to sleep, and i found it was because he was having too much stimulation ,ie too many people around being passed around alot ,so i made sure it was just me and him relaxing on the sofa befor bedtime. and as she may know her baby may wake every 2 too 3 hours for feeds, i allso found it hard bringing his wind up, that could be another reason why when she puts her baby down he crys,i found laying my baby face down across my lap and patting his back worked wonders.i also found he did not settle well on his back so i would put him on his side with a pillow behind his back and the cover was tucked in tight .and when he was two weeks old he decided he was comfatable on his front.i also found he liked to be raped up in his cover with just his head popping out.if baby is screeming as though he is in pain when she puts him down as i said befor my guess would be wind, so i would advise infacoil give befor feed that worked very well for my boy. but every child is different. i hope thiscan help in any way xx
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