I have to have a growth scan!!!

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Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 12:16 pm 
Post subject: I have to have a growth scan!!!
Hi all, just want to know if anyone hs any advice realy. I a 35 weeks pregnant and everything was ok on my 20 weks scan but now y midwife has asked to go for a scan ofriday as she wants my babies growth to be checked i am worried althoght everything feels ok he is moving round loads and stuff but i do have a really small bump has anyonelse ever expicenced this ?? Rolling Eyes
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Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:40 am 
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I had to go for a growth scan when I was 34 weeks pregnant as I was told by midwives that the baby appeared to be very small. I was told to expect to have a 5lb baby! I was very tiny whilst pregnant and never bought maternity clothes!
During the scan, I was told that his stomach appeared to be smaller than it should and it may be that the cord was not feeding him well enough.
After the scan a midwife worked out on a chart that my baby was slighlty smaller than average but not small enough to cause concern, she also said that the stomach was nothing to worry about.
My son weighed 6lbs 1oz when he was born so wasnt as small as everyone expected him to be and was all round healthy!
I believe they do a growth scan to be on the safe side and to get an idea of what size the baby may be.
You will be fine in your scan! Im sure there is nothing to worry about
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Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 9:11 am 
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I had to have a growth scan when i was pregnant, as the midwife thought that my baby wasn't showing much sign of any growth, however when i had the scan my baby was growing fine Very Happy.

Even when i went into labour the midwives said it looked as though the baby would be about 6lb, when she was born she weighed 7lb12! So i think she must have tucked herself away as she was very long as well!!

Try not to worry it will all be okay, its really good that they are checking!

Goodluck Very Happy
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Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 7:02 pm 
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Hi Samantha225

Although it was a number of years ago now ( 16 and 14 ) I had very small bumps with both my boys and had a number of scans at different stages, the midwife kept saying my uterus wasn't high enough for my gestation. Well my bumps were all baby, my eldest was 5lb 11oz ( 5 weeks prem ) and my other son was 6lb 13oz (3 weeks prem ) . Sometimes nature really does know best and the expectant Mum, everyone is different, so try and relax and enjoy your last few weeks, good luck x
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Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 11:38 am 
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yeah, try not to worry to much its great that theyre showing concern and allowing you to have another scan.

im 39 weeks and have been having regular growth scans since 29 weeks as at that stage i was measuring what someone of 33 weeks should have been and like you was quite worried!

im having another boy and all the way through he has measured above the 97th centile (my other son was on the 95th) and so they were forever worrying me with extra scans and never ending appointments at the day unit, then they tested me for gestational diabetes, which came back fine thankfully, then they wanted to induce me, then they didnt and as it turns out his growth has now slowed and is steady and theyre not worried. based on his measurements he will be between 11 and 12lb at birth so hoping he comes soon!

i think they tend to do these scans just to keep an eye on things and have every confidence that your baby will be fine - they worry you for nothing a lot of the time as ive found out! they seem to forget that no baby will follow a set pattern of growth, that they will speed up and slow down at times and you have to consider both parents height / builds etc as this will all influence how big your baby might be.

hope all goes well for you x
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