some advice please! so confused!

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Posted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:38 pm 
Post subject: some advice please! so confused!
hey guys,i was wondering if anyone had any advice or anything

me and my boyfriend both work he works full time and i work part-time but have 2jobs my boyfriends take home is about 850ish a month my take home is just under 700...

when the baby come im thinking it would be better for me to be the one to stop working for a little bit...iv been told about 500 grant? and other benifits we really arnt sure what we are entitled too...if anything at all...we arnt currently on any kind of benifits at all we pay our own rent ect but its going to be such a strain when the baby comes

does anyone know what we could or will be entitled too? any help could be very welcome.
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Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:17 pm 
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the 500 grant you are talking about is probably not something you would be entitled to if both of you are working, its a grant given to ppl on low or no incomes as far as im aware.

You should be entitled to child tax credits when baby is born, also child benefit and you may get help from the council with rent and council tax. the only thing is you cant apply for anything until the baby is born so you wouldn't necessarily know how much you would get until then.

You will also get the health in pregnancy grant at about 26weeks which is a one off payment of about 190- thats is the tories dont get rid of it??!!
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