2 MCs and 1 Ectopic in 9 months

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Posted: Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:13 pm 
Post subject: 2 MCs and 1 Ectopic in 9 months
Following tests determining that 'sticky blood' was responsible for my two miscarriages earlier this year, I tested positive again. This time I had a great consultant with a great plan of daily Aspirin, and Heparin due to start once a viable heart beat was detected. Sadly Mother Nature had other plans, and an ectopic was detected. I am now recovering from the removal of my right tube and feel emotionally numb. My consultant says this is nothing to do with my blood disorder and is downright rotten luck.
I don't have any questions for you lovely ladies, but I wanted just to send hugs to all of you who are also going / have gone through this. My consultant has advised that removing the tube only reduces the chances of future pregnancy by 5%... I find this reassuring - I hope you all do to.
Miscarriage in Feb 2010.
Silent Miscarriage in July 2010.
Ectopic and loss of right tube in Nov 2010.
Miscarriage in May 2011
May they all be happily playing together xxxx
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Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:10 pm 
Post subject:
i am so sorry for your losses. it must be very difficult to try and get your head round it all.
i myself have suffered 1 m/c and and ectopic pg losing my right tube.
Going through even one is heartbreaking but 2 or 3 can be soul destroying.
this is a very good site to talk to others who have been through the same experience or just to talk to others in general
take care of yourself xxx


3 Angel babies. Lost but still loved so much
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