in debt and worried.....

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Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:05 am 
Post subject: in debt and worried.....
just hoping someone can give me some advise.......basically i have just found out i am pregnant...things arent going so well as i have been bleeding for 5 days now had a scan and sac is still there....anyway i have giot myself into a spiralling debt....i stupidly took out a payday loan that now has spiralled out of control and every month i pay it back and have to borrow again to pay bills........i have other debts also......amounting to about 4000............i know i havent got enough money this month to cover the payday loan as i am off sick and only picking up basic wage ( no overtime or sunday payment )....worried sick as it is that i am going to miscarry let alone have money to pay my bills......i do have a partner and he dosent know the extent of my debt or he would go mad and may even walk out as we arent getting on at the!!!

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Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:33 am 
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Hi Hun

I know its easy said but TRY not to let it get you down, Have you thought about going with a debt management company? They basically collate all your debts and you make the one affordable monthly payment and they distribut it to your creditors and normally get a payment arrangement in place and get interest and charges stopped etc? I dont work for one and am not advertising anything before anyone think that!! But i was in the same position and i am with one and find it a lot easier and the phone calls etc stopped and i pay them one payment a month and they send it out on my behalf. When you contact them thjey will go through your income & expenditure with you and work out what you can AFFORD to pay. They do charge a fee for doing it but personally i think its well worth it, as it stopped the phone calls, hassle etc.

Good luck xx
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Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:16 am 
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gregory pennington hun! thats who we're with, and through them we have an account with something called 'think banking'. basically, you get 2 bank accounts, all money goes into one (salaries account), then all debits are taken out. once all thats paid, the left over money gets moved into another account (card account) which you can spend as you please.
greg penn deal with everything hun, and if something crops up (like winter and therefore an increase in gas and electric) they will arrange to take less money. seriously, its horrid being in debt, dreading the post, being afraid in case a bailiff turns up. dont let it get to that stage.
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Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:34 pm 
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I work for a finance company and deal with debt management companies. The best one to use is CCCS (consumer credit counselling service). They will work in your best interests and creditors always seem happy with them. The major plus point is they DO NOT charge a monthly fee as they are a registered charity.
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