how many times using CBFM

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Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:58 pm 
Post subject: how many times using CBFM
Hey ladies not sure if im in the right forum but i just wondered if any of you are using a CBFM and if so/ had,... how may months it took you to concieve? xx
just wondering...
thanks in advance .Louise Very Happy
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Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:10 pm 
Post subject:
Might be a good one to ask in general pregnancy Smile I'm on my second month with no luck but lots of other issues anyway Rolling Eyes but I've read lots of success stories, think they work best for ladies whose only issue was getting the timing right to be honest , and I don't know if you know but after the first peak day the CBFM just gives you pre programmed responses so I always save an old test stick and use that instead of a fresh one which isn't even going to actually be read Rolling Eyes glad I do as well as this month thanks to a major mess up I wont bore you with it thought I'd ov'd on day 10 and carried on asking me for sticks for another 5 days Shocked , which I know it didn't read as I used the one from my peak everyday and got a peak,high and then 3 lows all from the same stick Rolling Eyes Laughing call me a cynic but I suspect asking for sticks it's not actually reading is just a way to get more money from you , sorry off subject I know, it is good for warning you before you ov though which I find useful as it can change by quite a few days for me , Good luck xxx
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