Ovulating from missing tube side?

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Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:21 pm 
Post subject: Ovulating from missing tube side?
Do any of you ladies who have lost a tube notice which side you are ovulating from? I always get bad ov pains from the side i ovulate from, since the ectopic ive noticed my ov pains have been non existent every other month and am wondering if thats when im oving from side with no tube. This month I have had no pains and my ov test was not as strong as it usually is. Do you reckon that could be because its from the side thats no good.

Hope that made sense lol. x
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Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:11 pm 
Post subject:
I tend to get pains more on the right and thats the side where I have no tube and other months when I have no pains I presume i'm oving from the left where I do have a tube Question
Losing a tube or part of a tube (they dont tend to cut it right at the uterus ) shouldn't make any difference to you ovulating from that side unless they took the ovary itself , but even then because of the way egg release works that would just mean that your other ovary would release an egg every month, Maybe it's just a coincidence , and maybe you just picked up your surge as it was building or dropping, I know I've gone from very strong lines to very faint in the space of 4 hrs sometimes , it's very easy to miss the strongest part . Even if you ov from the side with no tube you still have practically the same chance of getting pregnant because the egg is released just behind your uterus and then picked up by either tube normally , so the tube from the other side can still grab it , in fact one of the reversal ladies who got pregnant recently said she had ov pains on her tubeless side that month Smile My cons said it only makes approx 3% difference to conception rates so FX for that BFP xxx
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