finally!!!! i have a bump!!!! yey!!! lol!

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Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2008 8:14 am 
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Hi Kimberley - im due on 22nd Sept as well!! Have a small bump which was bigger before fallign ill with sickness bug at the beginning of this week Razz Have also felt small flutters in tummy - only really at night time when im lying down although went to church on Sunday and baby seemed to really enjoy a hymn which was sung v low - was most odd!!! - so can understand the male voice thing! Hope you are keeping well.
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Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2008 1:35 pm 
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hi sozzle,

oh yey!!! someone with the same due date!!! whoo hoo!! lol

arent the flutters amazing? i cant wait for my partner to b able to feel baby, at the mo im either i bed or watching t.v with this big stupid grin on my face, and he doesnt get to share the feeling! lol!

do you know the sex of baby yet? i find out on th 2nd of may, really cant wait, dying to know wether im having a girl or boy, and fingers crossed its a boy, although i already have a feeling it is!

how was the beging of your pregnancy? i had bad morning sickness, im so glad its over now, maybe just feel sicky every now and then, but its not often and only last a few mins.

n e ways let me hear all about you, its fun to share the experiance with someone thats at the sage stages as me! lol!

kimberley xo

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