Movements at 33 weeks and what to expect

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Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2007 8:32 am 
Post subject: Movements at 33 weeks and what to expect
Hi all

got a couple of questions for more experienced mum's Very Happy I'm 33 weeks, and my baby's movements have started to change a lot in the past few days. Up until last week he was mostly somersaulting, and now its almost all slow, pressure-type moves. I can feel his legs moving, and see knees and feet poking out. From what I've read, this sort of restricted movement shouldn't really be happening yet - does this mean I'm going to have a GIANT baby? He has a foot shoved under my right rib most of time as well already, making driving really uncomfortable. At the last midwife check she said he was 'head down' already. Am starting to worry I'm going to have a monster baby!!

Also - could anyone explain/describe exactly how you know you're going into labour? What do contractions feel like? What happens when your waters break?

Any advise very welcome Very Happy

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