my four month old has breathing problems with bowel movement

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Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 9:00 pm 
Post subject: my four month old has breathing problems with bowel movement
its usually when
Ella opens her bowels, she has a
breathing problem, she sounds like
shes stridering (really squeeks loud
when gasping for air) and her
chest gets stuck in under her ribs!
Ive took her to hospital, doctors
and to a specialist the hospital
and doctors had no idea what is it
and booked her to a specialist but
the specialist said (who hardly
spoke English as she was African)
every baby does it and its when
she just gets upset or having a
tantrum but no she doesnt shes
happy and OK after and before
just a bit like woah where shes
scared! She also said it was like
when she has hiccups?
SERIOUSlY no it is nothing like that
uh! She also said Ella has a big
head, Ellas head is measured
atleast once a month and its
normal sized really not happy. I
have no idea what to do now
except take her doctors again! Im
not stopping till this is sorted its
happened a lot since she was five
days old! Feedback would be great has anyone elses child has this?
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