Cooper IUD, when to change?

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Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 2:01 pm 
Post subject: Cooper IUD, when to change?
Hello Smile
Not sure if this is the right place to post but I couldn't find anywhere specific to Contraception. I have had the Copper Coil in for about a year now, in the beginning I got on with it great, very regular periods, bit heavy, but they settled after a few. Back to the point... The last few periods I have had have been late, varying from a few days all the way up to two weeks late, tested on all occasions as had all the symptoms of pregnancy but all negative. Did visit my doctor on the first occasion and had blood tests and urine samples, of which an unclear result came back, waited a week, done the same tests and then definite negative!

Does this mean that the effectiveness of the coil is wearing off? Perhaps I need a new one? I cant feel that this one has moved down and it's not uncomfortable in any way, just wondering if anyone else with this form of contraception has had similar trouble? Confused
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Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 8:34 pm 
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if im thinking correctly the copper IUD doesnt have any hormones in it? so it shouldnt affect your cycles. if you feel its moved then you might want to get a doctor to check it out, cos that could affect the effectiveness of it.

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