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Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:22 am 
Post subject: blood hcg test
hi, my name is Aimee i am 23 and have two gorgeous children aged 7 and 6 and i am currently ttc with my DH, on Wednesday i had bloods taken and my hcg level came back at 1, which for me is very unusual its always come back at 0 Confused.

Is it possible that i have only just been caught so my levels are not high i know you have to be at 5mIU before they say "yes your pregnant" but my doctor has said its not negative but its not positive and that he will test me again in 2 weeks!!! ive googled HCG level 1 but im not getting any good answers just in the 1st 3weeks from egg being fertilized a woman's levels are between 1-25mIU week 4 is 5-430mIU etc im just extremely confused i dont know whats going on this has never happened before

hope someone can help a little. Aimee
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Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:39 am 
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I'd say it's more unusual that you've had levels done before and they were 0 as the normal level for a non pregnant woman is between 1 and 5 Question over 5 could be considered to be an early pregnany but I wouldn't read anything into this as you could just end up disappointed , a home test would work before your doctors going to test again though so if you think theres a chance I would wait a while and then get a home test xx
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