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Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:25 pm 
Post subject: Help!!!
Okay so as my previous topic said i have been put on clomid, but not due on till the 18th oct so have to wait till then, OR SO i thought! last night after me and hubby done the deed Embarassed i went to the toilet and saw i was bleeding a little bit, didnt think much more of it and went to bed woke up this morning and saw i was still bleeding but a lot and it feels like a period same aches and pains but i am NOT due on for another 2 weeks and i should be ovulating now not having a period, so do i take the clomid now (told have to wait till day 2 of period to start taking it) or do i wait, Have rung the hospital fertility centre number but had to leave a message so waiting for them to call me back, but i am worried and not sure whats going on with me! Question
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