temperatures and opks

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Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:15 pm 
Post subject: temperatures and opks
hi ladies,

I'm a bit worried i've not ovulated this month. This is the first month that I have been charting my temperature in the morning when I wake. I'm currently at cd14 which is normally about when I ovulate, however have been doing opks since sunday and not got a positive yet which wouldn't normally worry me but my ewcm is about drying up now. Thought I was getting ovulation pains around saturday,sunday and my temperature dropped yesterday but was quite a bit higher today (however really annoyed with myself as today I did my temperature after going to the loo when I got up instead of straight away) so not sure if its higher because I didn't do it as soon as I woke or if its higher because i have already ovulated. If thats the case i'm cant understand why the opks have been quite faint. Had quite a hectic week so we only BD once so far which was sunday early morning so hoping i've not missed the boat this time.

Sorry for the long post, i'm really scared its another month out of the window. what do you ladies think?


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