am i normal ?!

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Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 12:57 am 
Post subject: am i normal ?!
on 2nd september 2011 i went into hspital to have cameras put in one was inserted through my belly button and one under my tummy, i had the polyps cut out and the tube unblocked and dye put through my tubes to check for any more blockages.

i have really high blood pressure and the drs were on my back about that too, yes i know it doesent help when trying for a baby but both my parents suffer with high blood pressure so its not just me! and them going on about it and the fact i am a naturally stressy person with a stressful job isnt going to change it overnight ! before my op on 2nd sept they recorded my blood pressure at 178/115 185/120 174/106 on the 2nd sept they were dubious about doing the op, the curtain was drawn and they stood disgussing my blood pressure as if i couldnt hear! they moved me to the first op of the day so i wouldnt be waiting and getting worse. they kept me in hospital for 2 days monitoring my blood pressure every hour then released me saying it was slightly lower but i would need to be on blood pressure tablets!
i went to drs week later had my bloods monitored and they were down by quite a bit, without tablets i might add - just me thinking of a baby and trying to stay calm. ive wanted a baby for so long.

my partner had his sperm sent away to be tested for sperm count, he is rumoured to have a child with an ex but she has always refused a dna test so we dont count it as a definate and we dont see that child.

since my operation on 2nd september i bled for about 12 days and since nothing , and my sex drive is non existant - is this normal?????
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Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 7:48 am 
Post subject:
After I had my lap and dye I had a period 2 days later which was normal, but then had a really long cycle (36 days ) and didn't ovulate until day 22 so i'm certain it messed things up for me, but stress can also delay ovulation and dampen sex drive , so anything you can do to take your mind of ttc at the moment may well help things get back to normal , if you have been having sex though and would normally have a shorter cycle than this then it might be worth doing a test Question Good luck xxx
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