some advise please 4 a friend(ectopic pregnancy!!!

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Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:57 pm 
Post subject: some advise please 4 a friend(ectopic pregnancy!!!
my friend had ectopic last oct...luckly it woz caught early...she didnt lose a tube....she started trying again a few months ago...she had a chemical pregnancy...this month shes got a few signs of pregnancy...shes due 2 test nxt wk...just after she ovulated,she started 2 get neck pain...shes worried it cud b ectopic this woz her first sign last time about a wk b 4 she found out!!!does any1 know,if u wud hav a sign so shes not due on 4 another wk..but,bin havin neck pain sincelast fri....thanx....
caroline xx
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Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:13 pm 
Post subject:
Its very unlikely.
Symptoms only usually start when the tube is stretched to capacity and begins to rupture. The tube doesnt have any nerve endings, so its not that that hurts - it the blood irrating the abdomen.
The first signs can be varied, but include cramps, shoulder top pain (a bit like indigestion)and 'prune juice' bleeding.

Ruptures happen as early as 5+ weeks and as late as 17 weeks depending on site of pregnancy. The narrower the tube at point of ectopic, the quicker the rupture. And not all ectopics are tubal. Around 1% are elsewhere - cervial, and even in a CS scar or in the abdominal cavity or ovary. Some are never found and are referred to as PUL (pregnancy of unknown location) and are treated conservatively with methotrexate until HCG level is 0.

If your friend suspects an ectopic - at whatever stage, she should ask to be monitored at the EPU. The risk of having a repeat ectopic is greater with a susequent pregnancy, i think it goes from around 1% risk to 10%, and increases with each ectopic. The real risk is leaving it untreated.....

julie x

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