Implantation Bleeding....

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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2007 10:35 am 
Post subject: Implantation Bleeding....
Hi Everyone

We just started trying for our 1st baby, and I have a question about early signs of pregnancy.
I read that implantation bleeding is very light, or just spotting. Can it be different?

I started bleeding about a week before my period, I had none of my normal period symptoms, and the blood is different. It looks "fresher" and lighter. It's also not as heavy as my normal bleeding, but more than just a little spotting though.
Is it a possible implantation bleeding, or just a weird early period??

Still very new at all this, and I'm finding it quite confusing...
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Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 4:34 pm 
Post subject:
Hi al,l i am new to this

I stopped takin my pill in April of this year after takin it for 10 years to sort out my periods. I was lucky as my periods just fell into place, have been really regular, light and painless!.

We started trying to get pregnant about 4 months ago and nothing yet.

However i am having some really light bleeding at the minute (for last 2 days) well its more like discharge with a bit of blood in it I am 10 days after ovulation and have read that it could be implanation (hopefully) or it could be miscarriage!! or just bleeding. but i never ever bleed inbetween periods! so could this be implantation??
I have also been having horrendous mood swings and am really tired all time!!

I am due on in 6 days, i cant wait that long to know arrgghh! is there any other way i could find out now?
x x x
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