could it be???

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Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:57 am 
Post subject: could it be???
Hello all,
I had my last successful pregnancy back in jan 07 when my lovley daughter was born, We have been trying again since, we did fall again in 09 but sadly lost very early on..before xmas last year i was a regular 28 day cycle but since then ive been using the clear blue cycle calendar to track my cycle lengh, to which it has gone from 21 - 28 as said irregular, my last 3 have charged again now says im regular around 24 days. (sorry its very confusing). I had my last period on the 5th nov and the calendar is saying i was due 28-29 so i should be around 3 days late i did a tesco cheapy on the 29th but nothing, was it to early maybe. i keep going to the loo but no colour im just scared and hoping that maybe i am

i have 3 girls whom happen to be 6 years apart so maybe i can only fall every 6 yrs lol
any help or comments would be great
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