My 5 month old son wont sleep through the night, please help

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Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:06 pm 
Post subject: My 5 month old son wont sleep through the night, please help

My son has never slept through the night and is now 5 months old and im exhausted and frustrated! Crying or Very sad he wakes everynight between 12-2 and then again between 4-5 then wants to get up at 6.

He seems to wake for no reason, he doesnt even open his eyes just wimpers and if i leave him starts screaming the place down, he doesnt want a bottle and isnt wet. When he wakes the first time I give him is dummy and can settle him almost straight away but the second time can be really hard more often than not i have to hold him n try to rock him back to sleep.

His day time routine is..... he wakes up at 6, has a bottle then has porridge for breakfast at 9 and a few oz of milk, has a nap around half 9 for half and hour and another at 12 for half and hour, he has a jar of food and pudding for lunch at 1 then another nap at 3 for half an hour again, a jar and pudding at 5 for his dinner then falls asleep between 6-7, i wake him up at 9 for a bottle which he falls asleep with.

Ive tried not waking him up for his bottle at 9pm but it makes no difference he still wakes up at the same times in the night, also tried giving him baby rice at 9pm but he doesnt wake up enough to eat it and gets stressed. There isnt any noises outside at these times to wake him up.

He now sleeps in our room again to see if that helped (which it hasnt) only way it has helped is that I can just lean over and settle him rather than gettin up to him and waking myself up properly.

Does anyone have any idea why he is waking up or give any advice of what i can do before I go crazy!!

Please help


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Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:22 pm 
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I've no real advice hun but you have my sympathy. My baby is almost one and has only slept through the night twice.

Does he have anything in the cot with him? Jamie has a seahorse that lights up and plays music and he now associates that with sleep which helps. It may be that he needs some kind of comforter although you might have to experiment to find one that works.

There's a number of different books with different techniques.

Erm you can try experimenting with his naps and bedtime to see if that helps.

I hope you manage to work it out

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Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:57 pm 
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the only thing i can suggest is when he has his evening nap wake him after half an hour and try and keep him awake for a few hours if you can.
Another thing is where do you put him down for naps in the day? Ive never put kayne in his cot for naps, hes only in it when its bedtime so he associates it with a long sleep rather than a nap. xxx

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