Whats the best potty for a boy???

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Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:54 pm 
Post subject: Whats the best potty for a boy???
Just a quickie and the question is in the title really.

What is the best potty for a boy? The one I have is tiny and is quite low (someone gave it to me) so he struggles to sit on it but also he can't get all his bits in!! Laughing

My Mum has one which is slightly better and is like a proper seat so he sits much higher on it but they all seem to have quite a small hole. Has anyone else struggled with this or is it just me?

Any hints or tips to try?


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Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:56 pm 
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Hi, my 21 month old DS has been using a potty since he was 6 weeks (obviously at first we just held him over it lol) so we have been through many potties trying to find the best one, we have found that the ones from Morrisons have been best because they are curved front and back so even if LO sits a bit too far forward or their willy is pointing upward etc. the pee just runs back down into the potty. DS is now in pants and we've been trying to get him to use toilet seat which he will sometimes but he much prefers his potty and will sit for a good 20 mins on whilst watching tv sometimes so must be pretty comfy lol.

They're 99p and they do either blue or purple with a pic of a monkey or elephant on the front. Happy potty training! Very Happy

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