not so happy during my pregnancy

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Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:49 pm 
Post subject: not so happy during my pregnancy

So I supposly just made two months but last time I went to the er they said I am very early in my pregnancy well they told me that I had a high risk pregnancy and so I've been bleeding the lady that did my sonogram said she sees the bleeding and it will come down heavier and that I need to relax well that's easier said then done I suffer constant anxiety panic attacks I can't controll and then when its oever I'm still in shock for days. Well I've been super horny but haven't been able to have any sexual contatc not even get arroused this sucks I'm tierd of bleeding it makes me sick I'm tierd of not being able to be pleased and I'm tired of worrying I get these bad pains in my upper part of my stomach that makes me go to the bathroom and do diarrhea and man its painful and its every day atleast 6 to 7 times a day and blood in my stool and coming out my rectal I can't afford to keep going to hospitals I don't have that much money I can't even afford to pay my obgyn visits all this pregnancy is driving me up the wall and I don't believe in abortion I'm against it but I'm suffering here I just so dang tierd Crying or Very sad
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