my temps are off the scale? - shift working? HELP

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Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 12:28 pm 
Post subject: my temps are off the scale? - shift working? HELP
I have been charting my temp for 4 days now. This is what I have so far

1 - 97.58 (taken at 5.45am)
2 - 98.5 (taken at 10.30am)
3 - 97.45 (taken at 5.45am)
4 - 98.48 (taken at 11.45am)

I got a chart with my BThermometer and it only goes to 98.1! so my days 2 and 4 have been completely off the scale.

I have been taking the temp just before I get out of bed. But as I do shift work that has been a different time each morning.

Is there any point in me charting my temperature? i am on nightshift at the end of this week which is gonna mess it up even more. Does it really matter what the actual time of day it is or does it only matter that you do it just before you get out of bed?

so confused with all of this! also a little worried my temp is off the scale on a few days.
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Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:16 am 
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My temps are always around 98.4 before ov and go from 99.2 up to 99.9 some months after ov , everyones different ,it shouldn't matter what time of day it is as long as you've had 4 hrs sleep but things like the heating being on can make a difference , mine is always high but stable and I've been told thats just normal for me but as yours jumps up and down it could be due to restless sleep or the room being too hot etc. You could always change the numbers on your charts ( I did mine myself on graph paper in the end because I got sick of changing the online ones and give it a few more days to see if they settle into a pattern , good luck xx
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