Toilet training for 2 months still accidents every day

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Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:58 pm 
Post subject: Toilet training for 2 months still accidents every day
Advice needs please!! I have been toilet training my son since November when he was 2years 4 months. Over 2 months later he still rarely tells me when he needs a pee, and he still poos in his pants. He has at times told me he needs a poo and we go straight to toilet and he does it in toilet, but at times it can be a short time after this success that he will do a poo again but in his pants. He shows alot of resistance at times at going onto toilet but will then do a pee in it. I thought by now he would be fully trained. It's so frustrating, please can anyone give tips or advice.

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Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:19 pm 
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if hes not telling you when he needs to go chances are that hes not really ready.

my daughter was dry in 2 weeks, but took 4 months to get her to poo on the potty. she knew she needed to go, as she would tell me, but then go rigid and refuse to sit on the potty, then go and hide and do it in her pants.

i ended up watching her like a hawk, and as soon as she started to strain i would sit her on the potty, then make a big fuss and giver her a treat when she had done a poo. one day she just said 'i need a poo' and went on the potty.

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