5 month old no longer sleeping through.

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Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:51 pm 
Post subject: 5 month old no longer sleeping through.
Our beautiful baby boy is nearly 6 months old. When he was first born he had really bad colic so we cuddled him to sleep as it was horrible to see him crying in such pain. Once he was asleep he would sleep for a long 5 hours and as he got bigger he would sleep from 8pm-between 3 or 5 am. He then sarted waking in the night so started him on sma white. This worked for a while but then stopped. He started being really constipated so changed him back. We then moved him from his moses basket to his cot and ever since that day he wakes up constantly. He falls to sleep drinking his bottle and will sleep for a couple of hours then be awake. When we try. To put him back in his cot he wakes straight up. We have tried putting him in his cot awake but he gets that worked upscreaming he ends up sobbing until we go and get him. When he does wake up when putting him back in his cot if we put him in bed with us he goes straight back to sleep. Even if we put him in bed with us whilst he is awakehe falls to sleep on his own. We really do not know what to do. I know he should be sleeping in his cot, but we are that tired the only sleep we get is when he is in bed with us. ( he can sleep a good 6 hours at a time in our bed) any advice would be great.

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Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:37 pm 
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I'll prob be frowned upon by all health professionals for saying this, but a baby needs to be close to Mum. In the west we are used to baby being in a sep room/ bed, but other cultures co-sleep til the child is 2 or 3 at least. My son co-sleeps a lot of the time (he's 13 months now) and I'll admit it's for convenience on our part too - he's still bfing so is easy when he wakes if he is with us. he will wake up, turn over and cuddle in and go back to sleep knowing we are close.

If you want your bed back -there are some really good books out there too - I liked Tracy Hogg's advice - "The Baby Whisperer" and "The no - cry sleep solution" - see if you can get a copy from the library?

I think they say the key is consistency and not giving in - I'd be useless at it as I pick up my son at the first whimper lol.

Go with whatever you feel is right for you, you are his Mum and only you can decide how you want to deal with it. Remember he's still very little and his tummy can only take so much food, and with all the growing he'll be doing he'll want more milk quite regularly. I remember my HV advising regular snack times and a bedtime routine- so breakfast, snack, lunch (main meal and pudding), snack then tea, turn lights down and make the house quieter, bath, bottle, book, bed. We started the bedtime routine with lavender bubble bath at about 6 months and it has helped get our little man down to sleep... if not necessarily stay asleep more than 6 hours Smile

good luck! x

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