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Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:15 pm 
Post subject: Night Time feeding
Evening ladies, I'm particularly interested in hearing from mummies and daddies that have done baby led feeding schedule especially even for nighttime feeds.

So Alex is now 9 months old, and we've always let him dictate when he needs feeding, however since starting nursery and 3 meals a day(which coincided), we try and feed his solid meals the same time every day. However he still wakes up at night for a nightime bottle and often 2 bottles. I'm pretty sure its not comfort as he can self settles (and often wakes gurgles away for 5 mins and then goes back to sleep again without us going in).

As a general rule this is he schedule:-

8am - Cereal and toast or Cereal and yoghurt (he doesn't like toast that much)

9-10 - 4-7oz bottle milk (varies depending on his mood

11.30am - lunch (varies, but this is his main meal) followed by fruit puree or yoghurt

14.00 - 4-7oz bottle milk

15:30 - tea time (usually, sandwiches, pizza, breadsticks cheese and veg, something along those lines) followed again by pudding, yoghurt, rice pudding, fruit smoothie that sort of thing

17:30 - sometimes snack of cheese, rice cakes that sort of thing and bottle 4oz-7oz ish normally

19:00 - Bedtime bottle 7-11oz

11.30-13.30 (somewhere around this time) - 7oz bottle

03:00-05:30 (somewhere around this time) - 7oz bottle

Sometimes has other bottles in the day but this is reallly varied.

Sometimes he will miss out the midnight bottle, sometimes he takes the midnight bottle and then goes through till 6.30-7am ish. Twice he has slept from 7pm-7am.

p.s I am aware I can try a bottle of water or controlled crying to see if he'll sleep through, but for the time being I'm not interested in this as he drinks the nightime bottles VERY quick, its normally a 10 minute turnaround of getting him up giving bottle and he's asleep again (max 15 mins), so pretty sure he's not doing it for comfort.

Sorry bit long, my question really is IF you follow the same principle as me and let baby dictate when they want feeding, when did they eventually drop all nightime feeds.

p.s I'm sure some of you will say feed him more solids (its exactly what the HV said as she said he wasn't getting enough food), however its hard enough giving him the food he does take as he's bored of eating food after about 3 minutes Laughing and I seriously thing he does really eat enough lol.

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Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 4:08 am 
Post subject:
I blw Heidi and she eats loads during the day but she is still waking once, maybe twice during the night. She's exactly the same, drinks her milk and is back to sleep pretty quick, except this morning lol. She's following a nice steady weight gain so like you I figure she must need it. I do find it annoying though that some nights she'll sleep through and others she can be awake a couple of times.
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Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:24 am 
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I dont know how the hv can say he's not getting enough food, that sounds loads to me! And my baby is big and eats lots and that still sounds like plenty of food to me!

I agree with you about letting them decide when they need food, I never did a dream feed and just let him wake when he wanted it and get into his own natural pattern. I was very lucky tho and he dropped his night feed completely by 10 weeks old. Saying that tho, once his night feed had stretched as far as 5.30 am, I got him up,played with him and didnt feed him til 6.30, after 2 or 3 mornings he didnt wake til 6.30, then it went til 7, sometimes 7.30. Maybe just try stretching that early morning slightly, more and more each day. Also, I know it sounds strange, but maybe cut the mid morning bottle and give him a snack, that way he will have a good snack and might take a larger amount of milk mid afternoon.

he's obviously just a big hungry boy with a big healthy apetite!
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