How to implement CC for Daytime Naps and our story with CC

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Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 12:09 pm 
Post subject: How to implement CC for Daytime Naps and our story with CC
My DH and I are now on Day 5 of CC with our 11 month soon to be a year son. I read all of the chats and topics that I could find on CC and we began our journey. Honestly, it hasn't been as bad as I expected it to be. We seem to have our nights down. Our LO will go down by 8am, grumble for a few minutes and off to sleep. He wakes for a bottle by 1am (he eats very well, so I don't want to drop this as yet) and then is back off to sleep. Finally after 11 months we are able to sleep for a block of time.

Now, this is where the fun begins. He wakes up at 4 maybe 5 and wants to come in bed with us (yes we use to co-sleep before) and he cries and cries and cries ...... Sunday morning I gave in and brought him in and he fell asleep almost immediately. This morning I was up at the first grumble... around 4.42. My husband encouraged me to leave him, reminding me of Sunday morning and he fell back asleep after much whimpering around 6.45am and is still asleep now. First question: was this right? Did I do this ok? Yesterday I picked him up at 6.30 and to say he was miserable is ALL DAY is an understatement. He was clingy and whined so much.....

The next problem I have is that I am hardly finding any information on naps. Information from other mommies as to what they did. Prior to CC, he would nap for 3 hours from approx 12 till 3. While he lied next to me when I worked (I work from home) So nap times are nice for the chance to work. After CC, naps are non existent because I do not know what to do. I would love to hear moms experiences and get some insight into what I can do.

Please please please share your stories with me so that we can help other mommies out there as well ........ Can't wait to hear from you javascript:emoticon('Sad')
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