4 month old baby and sleep!!

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Posted: Tue May 15, 2012 7:45 pm 
Post subject: 4 month old baby and sleep!!

My little boy will be 4 months next week amd has always been a pretty good sleeper, never had any big issues really, and still haven't to an extent. How have noticed a few things for last 2 weeks.

He is put down to bed at 7-8ish and for the first 2-3 hours seems in a good sleep, after this about 10ish seems really restless and fidgets LOADS on and off until 4-5ish when we feed him. Any ideas what this could be??

Also he seems to be waking early for a bottle around 4am, when he used to take at 6ish. No big deal really, he is having 4 bottles a day of 7-8oz, would offer he another if he really wanted but dosen't. Do you think it's just a pattern he has got into?

And the final question Very Happy he has had a dummy from newborn (much to my regret now) have noticed in the last 2 weeks he sometimes crys for it during the night. I didn't really want him to get into being so dependent on the dummy (this is partly our fault!) how do we get him out the habit., any ideas? or should I just go with it and hope he grows out of it?

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