first app monday with dr emovon not sure what to expect x

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Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:55 pm 
Post subject: first app monday with dr emovon not sure what to expect x
hi , i have finally book my appointment for reversal with dr emovon at parkhill doncaster . Smile
im excited but nervous , can anyone please tell me what to expect , will i need tests ? how long after will i be able to have the op ? i know it sounds daft but waht will he ask me ?
. im off work at the end of july for 5 weeks and really could do with the op being then ,but not sure if thats to soon .
any answers would be apperciated x x x
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Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:30 am 
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It totally depends on him, some consultants like you to have bloods done to check your LHand FSH levels (around day 1-5 of your cycle) and bloods done around 7days after you ovulate to check to see you are ovulating , and also for your OH to have a semen analysis done, all of which your GP should be able to arrange(almost all of the Ladies on here had them don by their GP), even if he donesn't suggest them i would get them done as theres no point having a reversal and then finding your OH has a low sperm count and IVF would have been better Question Same for you if you're not ovulating, we had them even though me and my OH have 2 children together as sperm quality can change and i had the bloods to make sure I was still fertile too . Altogether for us it was 6 weeks from the initial consultation to the op (but there was some issue with the operating theatres being refurbished or something that delayed things a few weeks ), but some Ladies get their ops much quicker than that within a couple of weeks as there don't tend to be waiting lists if you go private, in fact i'm sure there was someone who had hers within a week of her appointment Shocked Laughing but i would definately wait for the bloods etc. as its a lot of money to spend only to find out after that you need IVF anyway , good luck xx
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Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:39 am 
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Hiya lyns
just wanted to wish you luck XX
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Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 1:39 pm 
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hi lyn

I had dr emovan at park hills to on 10th june Smile

Before we booked appointment he wanted my day 3 and day 21 results and my partners sperm test results soon as we had got them we booked appointment at the appoint he explained all about what was to happen and how op is to be done he checks your results talks about them he dint give us a percentage but was pleased with test results he said he could do op the following week but i told him i had a family do to go to and told him the date and said anytime after the date he also told us stories about how some 1 got pregnant quite quick after havin the op lol he very nice i thought

Hope that helped a lil bit?
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