Breast feeding and dummie?

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Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 3:33 pm 
Post subject: Breast feeding and dummie?
Hi Ladies
My little girl millie is 4 weeks on saturday and breast feeding really well,
however she is using my nipple as a soother to help her sleep so i am thinking of introducing a dummie.
i am not sure how to go about it and even if it is a good idea...
any thoughts or tips would be great xxx
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Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:10 pm 
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Midwife told me ok to try early as George was feeding so well it shouldn't effect it. However he probably only had it for a couple of weeks before decided he didn't want it.

Also if they start to rely on Dummy to sleep it can be just as much trouble with lots of night time wakes. When i see Babies Georges age constantly sucking Dummies i'm glad he didn't take to it but guess it's what works for you.
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Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 9:26 pm 
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With Sophia, we introduced a dummy early on at a couple of weeks but once it fell out then she would wake and not go back down very well and then by six weeks, she rejected it completely!

With Joshy, we introduced a bit later i think, at about six weeks but as soon as he realised it could fall out he didnt want it so decided to try and soothe him without and this has worked

I bf also.

With Sophia, as soon as she got onto that comfort suck (it feels different to thr drinking suck) I would unlatch her. Usually at this point she would be fast asleep so it wouldnt wake her, or she would be quite sleepy so go off quite easily.

With Josh, he does comfort such but not too much, but i found that feeding more on waking than just before sleeping helped. So when he goes to sleep i put him in his cot and shh and have hand on his chest. Takes up to 20 mins (but often only 5-10 mins)to settle but works. But last feed of day he goes to bed straight after a feed, sometimes asleep on the feed, other times needs settling (usually settles better if not fed asleep)At night I put him back after feeding. If he gets to comfort suck i just unlatch and put him back.

Personally, dummies have not worked long term for us, but it may help in the short term.

I found unlatching when they are sleepy but not quite asleep and then putting in cot works quite well. If they begin to stir as you put them down, just some gentle patting and shh-ing may help.

Hope helpful,

Mandy x
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Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:26 am 
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against all advice we gave our son a dummy on night 2! ( an emergancy run to the 24 hour asda at midnight!)
it hasnt interfered with breastfeeding and it saved our sanity! he doesnt have it at night now only in the day when he is grisly and we will take it away when he can entertain himself more.

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