How to get my cervix to open

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Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:15 pm 
Post subject: How to get my cervix to open
My due date is Friday August 17 and I go to the doctor twice a week just so he can see if my cervix is open and unfortunately my cervix isn't open at all I've walked and ate spicy food and it didn't work, the thought of sex turns me off it's not something that I crave during this pregnancy which is strange for me because before I became pregnant that's all I wanted. I really need addvice I don't know what to do my doctor said that she's getting too big and there is too much fluid around the baby and he really don't want me to go past my due date he doesn't want to give me c section, please someone help me before this little girl gets too big.
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Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:17 am 
Post subject:
Firstly there's nothing you can do to force your cervix to open, even if it looks closed at an exam though you can still go into labour shortly after Question , secondly a c section is ENTIRELY YOUR CHOICE not the doctors or anyone elses, having a lot of fluid doen't mean you need a section Question I had the most fluid and the biggest bump with my second and she was bron after a labour of 23 minutes Shocked and was actually my second smallest and yet I'd been told she would be a good weight Question
and lots of women have "big" babies naturally and a heavy baby weight wise doesn't always mean the baby will be excessively "big" or any more difficult to give birth to than a lighter baby Question , and often docs get it wrong when estimating the weight anyway Confused
First babies often don't arrive until after the due date , and to be honest even an induction won't work if the baby is ready,and failed inductions often lead to c sections , also babies growth slows down once you get to the end of a pregnancy so she might not grow much more at all Smile
Evening primrose capsules are said to help soften your cervix though, you can either insert one or two vaginally in the evenings or taking them orally can help stimulate contractions , you can also break open the capsules and use them as a lubricant during sex, i know you said you weren't up for that but semen is a good source of prostaglandins which help soften and ripen the cervix :)so it might be worth a try Question , if not then orgasms can actually trigger contractions for some women, as can nipple stimulation, especially if you use a breast pump if you have one Smile
Good positioning helps as well so spending some time on all fours during the day can help baby swing to a good place so her head puts maximum pressure on your cervix Smile
Mother nature doesn't often get it wrong though and very few women genuinely can't give birth naturally to their babies even if they are on the big side so I'd try not to worry and put yourself under pressure and just see how things go and just remember its your birth and your choice and if baby is happy where she is then there's no rush for her to come out so don't be pushed into anything , Good luck xxx
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