hit 18 months and behaviour drastically changed...?

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Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:37 pm 
Post subject: hit 18 months and behaviour drastically changed...?
Hi all, I'm in need of some good advice or simply someone who can relate! My lo turned 18 months a few weeks back and his behaviour has complately changed! He used to be very confident, independant and a great mixer. Now, however, he will not do ANYTHING that is part of his normal routine anywhere but home? He will not nap, eat, take a bath or even interact with people properly. He has become VERY clingy and just cries if I try to do any of these things away from home. It is not something that I have just started doing either, he would always happily share a bath with my neice, and sleep pretty much anywhere! Even eating is a problem! Why has this changed? It is making me not want to go out as I can't face the battle with him. Another thing I noticed, is that he gets very jealous now too, if he sees me playing with another child he screams and tries to pull them away from me - how should I deal with this? I'v tried including him in the game and encouraging them to play together but he will not have it! He doesn't do this with his Dad - just me. I am a fulltime mummy, so naturally we spend a lot of time together and always have. He is starting nursery 2 days a week soon, which I hope will help him, but at the same time am dreading what the staff might say!

It really is exhausting and stopping me from doing things with my toddler, and I would love him to be his normal, outgoing self again Crying or Very sad

Thanks xxx
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