TTC at 38 and overweight..... whats my chances??

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Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:48 pm 
Post subject: TTC at 38 and overweight..... whats my chances??
Hi all,
I have been married for nearly two years and we have been trying for the last three months to have a baby. Have not taken any contraception for over 6 years now but did protected sex. My hubby is nearly 43 and I'm 39 in december. I'm also about 5 stone overweight but I have always been overweight since teens. Just wondering if anyone has conceived under these circumstances or are we lost causes? Hubby is healthy weight and neither of smoke nor drink heavily. I have been doing light exercising swimming and walking, at least once a day for half hour to try and help. Also trying to diet but not easy! Hope to hear from anyone soon xx
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Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:42 am 
Post subject:
It's impossible to say what someones chances are really Question
You can read all the statistics but things often don't work out like that, there are girls in their early twenties on here who have been trying for a couple of years and women in their thirties falling pregnant the first month Question
Can weight affect fertility ? Yes it can but no one really knows to what extent as again its such an individual thing , if you lose too much body fat your oestrogen levels drop too low and your periods stop , if you gain too much then your oestrogen levels rise and you can get an oestrogen/progesterone imbalance, how soon that happens or how much this affects a woman seems to be different for everyone Question
In general though docs all seem to agree that losing some weight can increase your fertility and a woman will be more fertile if she's in her healthy BMI range, but its a sliding scale not a fertile at this weight and infertile at that weight type thing Question
Same with age, yes your fertility will start to decline at 35 and more sharply after 40 but thats relative to how fertile you were before Question
Sorry i'm no help at all, but basically all you can do is give it a shot and see what happens Smile
There are a few things you can do to try and stack the odds in your favour though Smile , like finding out when you ovulate as a lot of wmoen don't ovulate when they think they do, ovualtion test sticks are cheap on amazon /ebay etc.
Another is cut out caffeine as a lot of studies have shown even a moderate coffee habit is bad for fertility ,
Take a supplement/multi vit with added zinc and selenium(or take them seperately) they're good for both of you for egg and sperm quality Smile ,
and try not too eat too much sugar , especially processed/refined sugars as in women being even slightly insulin resistant can play havoc with your hormones, the low GI diet is supposed to be very good for fertility Question
Its normal for it to take up to a year though even with good timing and no problems , good luck xx
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