6 weeks and constantly COLD!

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Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:56 pm 
Post subject: 6 weeks and constantly COLD!
Can anyone shed some light for me on this?

I have struggled with coldness for awhile before I got pregnant, it was discovered about a year agp that I have higher than average levels of something called Ferriten which is to do with how the body stores iron. Every other test (i.e. thyroid, diabetes, liver function, etc) that I had at the same time was normal, there was just this slight anomaly with ferriten levels.....

Anyway, I'm now six weeks pregnant, and I cannot get warm! It doesn't matter how many layers I have on. Although my skin is warm to touch, I feel like I'm frozen inside.

I do occasionally get problems with my feet (not my hands though) going numb through coldness, which sounds like Raynauds Syndrome even though this hasn't been officially diagnosed - the doctor thought that it might be, but I haven't had chance to go for tests to confirm due to other commitments.

I have my first midwifes appointment three weeks today, but wondering if I should see my doctor about this first? If anyone has any suggestions as to causes of coldness, I'd much appreciate them.
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Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:18 pm 
Post subject:
Hi hun - I can sympathise as I am also a very cold person - though since having my son (not so much while I was pregnant - I was always cold then too) I have warmed up a bit... that said - autumn is on it's way so we'll see!

It does sound like Raynauds... but coldness can be caused by poor circulation too, sometimes through diet you can help... but of course, being pregnant please do talk to your midwife too!
Some natural diet remedies include garlic which is good for circulation, ginger is especially good for improving circulation and warmth, and drinking plenty of water as this will increase your blood volume and thus improve the flow to your extremeties. You can try keeping them moving - don't let your feet sit still if you are sat at a desk etc - wriggle your toes to get the blood moving and also raise and lower them so that the blood can drain and 'refresh' - basically don't let the blood pool in your feet and your ankles swell which can happen in pregnancy anyway as the blood needs to move around the body to remain warm and then keep the extremeties warm too. Try to wear thermal socks etc - and nothing too tight - again - it restricts the flow of blood and can cause coldness and if you can allow a little air between layers (so socks that are not really dense, and then a pair of shoes that allow a bit of air between them and your socks (again - not tight basically) then the air will warm and then keep your feet warm - which is why woolly jumpers are so good at keeping you warm, even though they have the 'holes' between the knit - because the air actually acts to keep you warm.
I'm sorry I can't really suggest much else - these are just things I did to help me... sometimes it worked sometimes I would have to literally curl up in a ball with my feet and arms and hands tucked in and have a load of layers on to just feel like I had warmed up a little.


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