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Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:17 am 
Post subject: confused
Please help me don't know if anyone ever experience this. I'm 12 days late with my periods(witch is a first for me my cycles are regular and I'm never late.) On the 15 an 16 of september I had a little blood discharge but only when I wiped was nothing in my panty(sorry for the detail) my periods should have started ont the 25 of september but it did not started. I had a slippery egg white like discharge on the 25 and 26 of september. Hpt shows negative so I went to the dr and ask him to do a sonar witch only showed dat I've got an enlarged uterus, he told me that its one of 2 things either I'm going to start my period or I'm pregnant(it was 5days ago) then he send me for blood test witch also came back negative. Then he told me it can be infection or stress than can cause the periods to be late. I don't have infection and I'm not stressing more than ussual. Did this happened to any one else and what can be wrong please please please give me some advise.I've got a dull abdominal pain on the right side and headaches only at night I vomit about 4 times(when I eat meat that fatty) I'm not nauseas and my lower back pains a lot, and my breats aren't sore. Really hope some one can help me Question Crying or Very sad
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