Smokers and babies?

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Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 12:05 am 
Post subject: Smokers and babies?
As my pregnancy progresses I am finding myself getting that over protective feeling I had with my daughter.

Smokers is an issue for me! I am TERRIFIED of the day or day after i give birth when people will want to visit, I dont want any smokers touching or coming within close proximity of my baby!

How will I keep them away without being rude, as an ex smoker myself I hated to be looked down on but I just dont like the idea of all those chemicals being breathed all over baby. I know if a say dont smoke for a few hours before coming round they will think "oh shes just being silly" and do it anyway so how do I keep them away from my baby, perhaps choose to feed baby when they are round so they dont get to him him/her? I will be BF so not like anyone will ask to feed them Laughing xx

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Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 12:39 am 
Post subject:
When my lg was 6 weeks old my oh family had a little gathering. His mum got incredible drunk then towards the end off he night came and asked for a cuddle with my baby! All day I had tried my best too keep her in her car seat away from people when I knew they had been drinking..and I'm not very comfortable with oh family at all! But I can't believe what came out off my mouth! Lol! I just told her absolutly not when she had had that much too drink..which she replied well I will sit down then! Before hand me and my oh had discussed how strongl I felt about stuff like this so I looked at him for support . He looked away so I just explained that under no circumstance is anyone touching my baby if they had a drink that the night before I had a few glasses off wine n even tho I felt i was sober I didn't go near her and let my mum mind her ( in our house ) lol!

I was so proud off myself for doing what I felt right Smile that is your baby and if people don't like your rules that's there problem! But speak now or forever hold your peace Smile x
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