9 Mth old - day napping

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Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 3:12 pm 
Post subject: 9 Mth old - day napping
Hi, hope somebody out there has a solution to one of my sons napping problems! He is one of two boy twins. One is tiny at 14lb and tends not to sleep through the night and does not seem to like his milk at all (plus he's had reflux). The other is a big 22lb who has slept through the night from 7 to 7 for months now and has always fed very well. However his daytime napping is terrible. Until recently I had to drive them / walk them in the pram for them to both go to sleep at the same time in the day. But once the weather has changed and my energy levels are very low (no time to rest at all in the day and little sleep), then I spent a week or so getting them into their cots in the day. This worked until the past few days when my bigger son has learnt to sit and stand up and hang over the edge of his cot in the day which he seems to like more than his sleep, which inevitably wakes up his brother! Having a nightmare!!!! Please can anybody help???!!!!!! Thanks!
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