7 days late, HPT negative twice

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Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:54 am 
Post subject: 7 days late, HPT negative twice
Soo...i'm really not too sure what's going on here...my husband and I are "kinda" trying...and we have unprotected intercourse around march 11/12th. Although I'm pretty sure I ovulated on the 7th (according to my regular 28 days cycle and my typical mittleschmerz pain)...I also know that weekend I had a huge exam and I was really stressed out and that could of possibly delayed my ovulation. So I'm 7 going on 8 days late, with two e.p.t tests that were negative. I was having lower back pain and abdominal cramps intermittently for the past 5 days or so (usually only get them the day before my period)...and I'm exhausted...like walking up a flight of stairs drains me...and i'm constantly sleeping. Another thing is last monday...I had a regular check up and my dipstick showed blood, it was assumed to be due to my period (supposed to start on weds)...but alas...no period...I also don't have any breast tenderness which I normally have before my period...and i'm feeling mildly feverish....could I be preggers?
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