microgynon and regulating periods?

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Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 10:28 pm 
Post subject: microgynon and regulating periods?
Hey ladies, sorry haven't been on for a while, hope your all well, as most of you know my partner and I spent almost 12months ttc, I was on the depo injection before this, didn't have injection when due in may so last injection was march 8th 2012, I was given 3 months worth of the pill to try regulate my periods straight away which if I'm honest done naff all to help so I stopped taking it in july/august and have been off all contraception since, we had what we where told at the time to be a very soon/sudden m/c, I got a positive home hpt on a friday and started bleedin later that day, but I went back to the doctors not so long ago for another doc to tell me that she isn't sure if it was just purely hormonal! Anyway I'm gunna top wafflin now! I am back on microgynon as periods are all over the show...don't even get a curtousy warnin off af anymore lol! Well what are your opinions on microgynon and period regulation and also conceiving after stopping it? Sorry for rambling on! Xx
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