1 week after ovulation, bazaar increase is discharge?

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Posted: Wed May 29, 2013 2:20 pm 
Post subject: 1 week after ovulation, bazaar increase is discharge?
Sorry girls abit gross but over the last 2-3 days Ive had so much discharge, I'm a moist woman since my daughter anyway but it's gotten a lot heavier :/ it started when I fell pregnant with my daughter and sort of stayed ever since, but I've noticed I use baby powder which usually keeps me dry and comfy but recently it's not working as well as it did I find my self changing knickers more often in the day and using exsessive amounts of powder to sort of keep my self comfy. I've noticed I'm abit grumpier too I'm hoping my body isn't getting me at it lol but at the same time I have noticed I'm snapping very quickly and getting very agitated about being touched too lol any ideas? Xxx
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