Pram Buying Advice Please

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Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:30 pm 
Post subject: Pram Buying Advice Please
Hi Ladies

Just wondering if you can give any advice to a first-time mum on buying our pram? – What to look for/Which brands are best/How or where to find a bargain??

Also – how much (roughly) did you/will you spend on the pram?

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Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:52 pm 
Post subject:
When we first went shopping we ruled a lot out just on how they looked or felt. once we'd narrowed it down a bit we started looking at the more practical aspects.

Things you may want to consider are:
-Whether you want an all in one travel system (so can have carrycot/seat/car seat on the same chasis.)
-How big your car boot is/storage space in house
-Whether you want seat to be front or rear facing
-Suspension depending on what type of ground you'll be walking on.
-Underpram storage.
-Price including any extras.

We decided we wanted a travel system and were torn between the Silver Cross Surf and the Joolz Day. Ended up going for the Joolz, the main reason being the carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping which we thought would be handy. We love it so far. Prams can range from £200-£1000, think ours was about £700 for everything. I was skeptical about spending that much but people we'd spoken to that had bought cheap ones had ended up replacing it with a dearer one anyway. Most places will price match. We decided to get ours close to home as if you get any problems we didn't want to be travelling miles. I think you can often get bargains at baby shows. Have fun shopping and let us know Smile


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Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:26 pm 
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Pretty much what Heath had said but just wanted to add in that although im in love with my quinny and probably wouldn't change it, something else to look at which never crossed my mind is 1- the quinny pulls apart into 5 pieces and is a pain to get in and out of the boot because of this, so having one which only the seat comes off or even better the seat folds in is a good idea!
Also, the quinny doesn't sit up too great and Lola hated it any other way. Other than this its brilliant and would recommended. I did look at a john lewis one which sits similarly (cant remember the name but it distinctively had apples all over the material) this was a good one!!
If you're going for a carrycot i would seriously re-think this as well, they dont last very long as it is and if you have a Lola- she refused to lie down from birth!!
good luck!! Smile x
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