Going mad!!!

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Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:48 pm 
Post subject: Going mad!!!
Hi I'm new here
Ok so I'm going a little crazy, I have two beautiful boys already youngest being 5 I did a few preg tests 3days ago showing very very faint lines in the positives one clear enough to jus see and the others u have to hold a certain to see
I went to my doctors yesterday who confirmed the pregnacy, last night I start bleeding bearing in mind period is not due till 27th so I would be 4weeks roughly.... Bleeding stopped last night after turning bright red and then this morning more bleeding heavy with small clots.... Went to hosp and have had bloods waiting for a call back this eve but I did another test this morning which again had a very faint line in about ten mins??? Could I still be pregnant jus too early or I dnt no waiting I'm going mad!!! Ne responses wld be a help thanks!
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Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:15 pm 
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I've had implantation bleeds with my pregnancies, they normally happen when your period should have been due, however it's a little more worrying to hear there were clots (though I'm not a midwife) you can still test positive for pregnancy even after a miscarriage as your hormones are still elevated for a little while.
On the other hand my sister had a bleed early on with her 3rd baby as it was twins (apparantly more likely to have bleeds with multiples)
I really know how you feel, I was scared to death when I had my first pregnancy and had a bleed, they did an early scan and thankfully everything was fine. I'm now nearly 6 weeks pregnant with 3rd baby (technically 4th but had a blighted ovum last time) so I'm so anxious this time round.

Hope this helps xxx
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