Age gap between babies??

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Age gap between babies??
1 Years
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2 Years
 80%  [ 4 ]
3 Years +
 20%  [ 1 ]
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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 1:56 pm 
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I bet you cave when it comes down to it and ask Laughing
I had pretty much all the same symptoms in all my pregnancies though, never glowed just looked rough whether they were boys or girls Rolling Eyes Laughing I bet your gut instincts are right Very Happy
If they are boys though you'll need everything for them won't you with Mia being a girl ? So finding out would make things easier planning wise perhaps Question
We said we wouldn't find out if I ever got pregnant as we have one of each but I know I'd be desperate to know Embarassed Laughing
Aww bless your 'huge' bump, one of the joys of twins I suppose, how you feeling now ?
I'm ok, just back from holiday and planning our next Laughing gradually coming to terms with things, there are advantages I suppose to just having the 2 at home now and them being older but I still go all broody every time I see a baby Laughing
Enjoy your pregnancy anyway if this one will be your last, I wish I'd enjoyed mine more instead of wishing the weeks away , are you in a birth club on here ?xx
Becky, I had gaps ranging from 15 months to almost 4yrs and I thought 2 1/2 was a great gap Very Happy , never had any jealousy problems and at that age the older one is just that little bit more independent and knows what's happening plus if you get them used to walking then you don't need a double pushchair and if you're lucky they might even be out of nappies in the day at least by then , but they're still close enough in age to be interested in the same things as they get older , Good luck with TTC xxx
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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:58 pm 
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Awww thats brilliant. I feel so much more relaxed about the whole idea now & am very excited to start trying again Smile I said that if Jacob is still in a push chair then I will get a carrier for my chest for lo to go in then will push Jacob in the Pushchair but like you say by then I think he is going to be running around like a mad man haha...

Bless ya Mand! Dont they say that with each additional pregnancy you show earlier? I do miss my bump loads & I miss feeling baby move about in there Laughing It is very exciting stuff though & cant wait to get down to business now Very Happy

Have ordered my opk's today & waiting for af to show her head then after that has passed we are good to go Very Happy


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