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Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 5:40 am 
Post subject: Appt. advice
Hi everyone,

Well I've got my appt. with the fertility specialist at my local hospital on 2nd Aug and am starting to wonder what will happen there? I've had blood tests and an ultrasound both of which showed no issues and that I was ovulating normally and my DH had a SA that was fine. As we already have a child I know that going down the route of IVF etc is not happening on the NHS and to be honest we are undecided at the moment as to whether we would pursue this avenue privately if it comes to it, so I am wondering what may come out of this next appointment in the way of tests, treatments does anyone have any ideas/experience being in this situation? And do I need to be clear at this stage on whether we wold want IVF privately?

Thanks x
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Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:46 am 
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I was in a similar situation when I was having investigations in that I had children and wouldn't be offered IVF and I'd had bloods and everything already and was ov'ing, the next step for me was a HSG to check my tube , I think that or the Hycosy is generally the next step if you do ov and the bloods and your OH's SA are all normal.
Sometimes they will suggest a Lap and Dye instead especially if there's a reason to suspect adhesions or fibroids or endo which wouldn't be picked up on the HSG .
Basically with a child or children already they should offer you everything they would for a couple with no children up to but not including IUI and IVF .
So things like clomid, a HSG, a laproscopy possibly with hysteroscopy (belly button and womb cameras just to have a look about)and normally any problems seen on those will be surgically corrected at the time .
If you're found to have tubal issues some docs will try surgery (laser or standard)some won't,if it's close to the uterus cannulation is an option that should be discussed and of course if anything like endo or fibroids are discovered then they should be treated as they would for anyone else.
So there is a lot of treatment still available if there is a problem .
I was told IVF was my only option once they discovered my tube was closed during the cannulation which was after an HSG, and 2 previous lap and dye tests once they realised it was actually my only fertility issue, but basically when the NHS docs say that they really mean is your on your own Confused So they're not really asking you if you want to do it, more just saying there's nothing left we can do you'll have to go private from here Confused
You shouldn't have to make any decisions about things like IVF at this point x
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Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 11:57 am 
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All our results came back as pretty much normal and so the infertility clinic suggested a lap and dye test and hysteroscopy for me to have a good look around in side and its just as well they did suggest that because my tubes turned out to be the problem. If not a lap and dye test then it may well be worth you having a hsg test which runs dye through your tubes to see if its flowing freely.
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