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Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 9:16 am 
Post subject: keep hope
I had already had two beautiful daughters decided to try for another. We ended up having three miscarriages in a year, decided to quit trying couldn't go through anymore pain from the losses. One year later was having cramps it was about time for menstrual cycle had a red beer read a little and went to bed. Got up with our youngest filled her supply cup went to the restroom and collapsed coming out of bathroom. I crawled to our room woke my husband up who wanted to take me to the hospital, I said know just help Mr back in bed he did. Woke up at 9 am me with such severe pain in lower right side it hurt to breathe and told him we need to go now I thought it was my appendix. Got to hospital they did blood tests turned out it was ectpoic. I was at small town hospital had to wait for surgeon from another to get there. I went into surgery at 4 pm and doctors there didn't really know anything about ectopic so the whole time waiting on surgeon (who turned out to be my boss from OR I worked at) I was bleeding out which caused most of the pain. All I could do was stare off and cry when my family showed up because it made it real. After surgery my physician came in and told me that my tube had ruptured earlier and I had bled out lost a lot of blood wanted to keep me in case I needed a transfusion but to make matters worse it was twins and one had made it to my uterus but because of their lack of experience and not catching on to my bleeding it crushed my uterus and I lost the baby there too and had to have DNC. They said 10% chance of getting pregnant every other month and only 10% of the other 10% of it not being ectopic. I cried but remembered I already had two beautiful girls. But as a miracle 4 years later I was pregnant with our third and carried her full term. Always keep hope!
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