Lightheaded like hell after sex!?!

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Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:05 am 
Post subject: Lightheaded like hell after sex!?!
Hey girls how we all doing?? im 6 weeks preg with #2 (if you didnt kno) and have any of you been so damn lightheaded after sex, could of been hormones or is it just me?

lol SORRY if this is too much but i just had sex with my OH in the shower and i was ontop while sitting ontop of my partner so my legs had to do alot of work and my bum lol but after doing the deed i got up and thought i was going to faint! Laughing had to gather myself there for a sec but i remembered the same feeling with my son when i was preggas so i dunno... i usually didnt get lightheaded before but wow what a headspin! haha was hard work Wink Laughing anyone else been lightheaded after intercourse?? again, my apologies Embarassed

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