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Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:12 pm 
Post subject: New today :)
Hi everyone,

My name is Emma-Jayne, age 25. Not really sure how this works yet! New to this, only just recently joined today. Was browsing through some of the stuff on here and thought it looked like a good website to join and have a friendly chat with people about baby stuff and hopefully make some new friends Smile
So yeah, just wanted to say hi Smile
I've been off the birth pill I was on for 8 years for about 2 and a half years now and have been trying to conceive for over 18 months and still no luck. I have been taking Folic Acid for the past month and eating a healthy diet. I exercise a few times a week and try to reduce stress but that's not always possible and thinking about becoming pregnant is starting to become a bit of an obsession now and driving me mad lol, I suppose it doesn't help with all my friends around me falling pregnant etc ha ha. Was just wondering if anyone is in the same situation as me? We really want a baby but just seem to be having no luck.
My periods before I was taking the pill were very irregular but since I stopped the pill they seem to be between every 4-5 weeks, which for me is quite regular considering I used to have a period every 2-3 months sometimes...
I'm never too sure when I'm ovulating as my periods aren't every 4 weeks so I've decided to buy some ovulation tests which I'm hoping will help.
Does anyone know how long you ovulate for and is this the only time you can fall pregnant? I have heard a couple of people say they have fallen pregnant while on their period.
Having said all of this about having no luck so far, these past few weeks I haven't been feeling too good, I've had a lot of pregnancy symptoms including dull lower abdominal cramps, lower back pains, I had an awful fever for about 2 days a couple of weeks back and then it just seemed to go, my boyfriend didn't catch anything as at first we thought I may have had a virus. A few weeks back nearly, I had a weird orange/pink discharge when I wiped ( sorry if too much info ha ha ) it was only a tiny bit though and only had it once. I've suffered headahces, severe tiredness although I normally suffer with this anyway but it seems to of got worse and I really struggle to get out of bed! I've been feeling very sick on and off, struggling to eat certain foods, seem to of gone off a couple of things, few nose bleeds, seemed to of gained a little bit more weight than usual, light headed/ dizziness. Looking even more bloated than usual, hair and skin glowing and lots more symptoms that you get during pregnancy but I am a bit concerned as I have done a few tests these past few weeks, one being today ( 4 days late of what I normally am which is 5 weeks ) done cheap ones off of ebay and have done clearblue ones and ones from Wilko etc but have all been negative but reading some peoples experiences about not finding out until they were about 6-12 weeks pregnant almost makes me think, well could it still be too early to tell? My last period last month only lasted a day and a half and there was hardly any blood.
Sorry for the essay everyone ha ha just really confused! I find it all confusing! I have heard and I know of one person that tested negative the whole way through her pregnancy and only found out she was pregnant through a blood test at her doctors... so she went home and did another and it still tested negative but she was pregnant!
I would be grateful for any replies and any advice Smile
I look forward to being a member on here and getting to talk to new people about different topics Smile

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Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 5:54 pm 
Post subject: bitterness truths
first of all I hope you get pregnant and it all works out. They say not to worry so much about getting pregnant, because the stress and constant pressure you put your self in could make the world of difference when trying to get pregnant. while the best time to try is when you ovulating, it is still possible to get pregnant right before you have your period. So having a period may not necessarily mean your not pregnant. What worked for me was learning my baby mamas period cycle and knowing when she started and for how long she was on her period, to help determine when she was ovulating. At first we were really trying, but then after when I was learning her cycle. We decided to just take a step back and try but without all the stress. we accepted that it might not happen and just moved on. We kept trying but were not stressed about her being pregnant and going out to buy test all the time. We just took a natural approach to it. That made the world of difference, not only did it bring us closer together and less stress for both of us. There are specific position to maximize the chance of conceiving. Then good news!. I am not sure if this helps, but all I am saying is take a step back, stop stressing take a different approach on this if what your doing does not seem to be working. Stay away from types of lubes that can minimize chances of conceiving. happy couple happy life.
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Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:17 am 
Post subject: trying to get pregnant fast
Hi everyone my name is sarah i am trying to have a baby iv had a miscarriage three months ago and having trouble to get pregnant again i need a friend that can give me tips on how to get pregnant fast lol everyone i know is getting pregnant and its making me sad me and my husband Randall r trying to get pregnant this is hard for me cause of the miscarriage but would like to try again plz help me thank you
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